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1) How easy are stickers to apply?

Full instructions are sent with each order. In addition we always include a sample sticker so you can practise first before installing your purchased stickers.

2) Are stickers removable?

Yes, the stickers are removable (but not reusable), by gently peeling away from the surface. To make this easier we recommend using a hairdryer on medium heat to soften the adhesive prior to peeling from the surface.

3) Can stickers be repositioned?

Stickers can only be repositioned prior to being permanently fixed. If you are unsure about a permanent position for a sticker as long as you do not firmly press the sticker to a surface it is possible to carefully lift the sticker and reposition.

4) Which surfaces can stickers be applied to?

Stickers require a smooth flat surface. They work best on smooth plaster walls, windows, doors, mirrors, tiles etc. Stickers are not suitable for use on French polished or antique surfaces and if applied to wallpaper, remember that there is likely to be damage to the paper if they are peeled off. For using in a wet area such as bathrooms or shower areas, make sure the room is completely dry before applying and allow at least 3-4 hours after applying before running a bath or shower.

5) What are stickers made from?

Our stickers are made from a vinyl product. Different vinyl finishes are available for all designs. Vinyl for Solid surfaces works effectively on all solid surfaces and has an opaque appearance, foils work well on solid and mirrored surfaces and translucent and transparent materials work best on glass and mirrors.

All vinyl stickers have a solid colour front and back so if applied to glass will look the same colour from both sides, excluding printed stickers which have a white backing so will look white on reverse if applied to glass.

Contact us at if you want further advice on which vinyl will work best for you.